We are currently working on a range of upgrades that are designed to improve parking and traffic flow at Queenstown Airport. Further details of each of these projects can be found below.

Stage 4 car parking expansion and traffic flow improvements (commences February 2017)

Stage 4 works commenced in February 2017, with works expected to be completed by June in time for the busy winter season. The works include:

  • Reintroducing the 2-minute public drop-off zone in its original location (where the coaches currently park).  The public pick-up zone remains the same – entering the short-term public carpark which offers 20 minutes’ free parking
  • A new roundabout inside the airport entrance which will:
    • reduce traffic congestion and improve safety through the airport ring road
    • provide easy access to the long term car park
    • provide easy exit for coaches and rental cars without having to use the airport ring road
  • A dual lane to link the new roundabout
  • More than 50 additional car parks in the staff car park by St John Ambulance building
  • A new and expanded coach park at the front grassed area 
  • Upgraded drainage across the airport, particularly in flood-prone areas.

Stage 4 Works

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Park and Ride (commences June 2017)

QAC plans to establish an airport park and ride offering, expanding the airport’s car parking options and creating an additional 150 parking spaces. Beginning in late May/June 2017, the 12-month trial will operate between Brookes Road, Frankton and the airport.

QAC is working with Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) to coordinate the launch of the park and ride trial with the opening of Stage 1 of the Hawthorne Drive link between Frankton Flats and Remarkables Park, due for completion by end May.  The additional car parking offering also is coordinated with the New Zealand Transport Agency phasing out the car parking along State Highway 6 and QLDC implementing new restrictions for resident parking around the surrounding roads in Frankton.

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Stage 3 car park expansion and commercial drop off zone upgrades (completed November 2016)

In late 2016, QAC completed expansion works on the long term and short term car parks, and the commercial drop off zone.

This included:

  • Adding 50 new car parking spaces to meet customer needs (an increase of over 10%)
  • Expanding the commercial drop off zone to improve vehicle flow and enable commercial pick-ups and drop-offs from this zone.

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Stages 1 and 2 airport roading upgrades (completed June 2016)

A series of upgrades to the airport’s internal road network and public carpark was completed in June, 2016 to provide better traffic flow and safer access for pedestrians.

This included:

  • New kerbing
  • Improved footpaths and access routes for pedestrians
  • Additional accessible car spaces
  • 24 new car spaces
  • An upgrade to the pedestrian crossing to provide better safety
  • New signage.

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