A commercial operator licence is required to access and transport passengers to and from the airport terminal. Please follow the instructions listed below to submit your application.

Step one

Complete and sign the commercial access licence agreement. A copy is available for download here.

Step two

Collate the supporting documentation listed below.

Supporting documentation:

  • Your active health and safety policy
  • Your commitment to customer service (compliments/complaints process)
  • Small passenger service licence (required for vehicles if operating a service for hire and vehicles 12 seats or less) or large passenger service licence (required for vehicles greater than 12 seats)
  • P-endorsement
  • Certificate of Fitness and registration (as displayed on your vehicle)
  • Age of your vehicle (evidence that it is less than 7 years)
  • Standard of your vehicle
  • Company brand (as displayed on your vehicle)
  • Public liability insurance of $5M

Step three

Email the signed agreement and supporting documentation to our Ground Transport Manager.

Step four

Once the application has been reviewed, the Ground Transport Manager will schedule a time to meet with the applicant in person.

Please note: if your commercial vehicle has more than 25 seats you will need to apply for a coach operator access licence. Further information can be found here.