Drivers operating for a company holding a Taxi Commercial Transport Operator Agreement must register with Queenstown Airport to access and transport passengers to and from the airport terminal.

If you operate solely, please apply for the Commercial Transport Operator Agreement.

Operators are required to have the following:

  • Vehicles hold current COF and registration
  • The average age of all vehicles must be less than 10 years from the date of manufacture
  • Taxi Driver must hold a QLDC Taxi Permit

Please follow the instructions listed below to submit your application.

Step one

Collate the following supporting documents. File formats supported are .JPEG or .PDF.

  • Your valid QLDC Taxi Permit

Step two

Ensure you have access to your vehicle register.

Step three

Complete the electronic Taxi Access Agreement and submit to the Ground Transport team.

Please click on the Taxi company you're registered with below to begin:

Queenstown Taxis   Green Cabs   Corporate Cabs

If you're having trouble, please view the demonstration video for guidance. 

Sorry, we had some technical issues in late-2020. If you submitted your application and haven't had a response within 10 business days please email ground transport. Thank you for your understanding.