Aerial survey being conducted between December and April

mbie survey otago

The Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is conducting an aeromagnetic survey across the South Island, commencing the second week of December, which will involve a number of low-flying helicopters travelling up and down the district.

The survey will help MBIE understand the geology of the area, including mineral deposits, earthquake fault lines, soil types and water resources.

Flights will operate between December until April 2018 and the aircraft are expected to only spend a short time over any given location but may do several passes.

The survey helicopters will be easy to spot as they have a protruding boom (like a jousting lance) which houses the survey instruments.

Please note that the helicopters will fly low (at around 35 metres) and the noise could disturb nearby people and animals.

The flights are only permitted to operate during daylight hours and are subject to the rules and regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Queenstown Airport and Airways (which controls the airspace) are working with the survey operators to manage all aircraft in the surrounding airspace.

For further information please see this factsheet, visit or phone Thomson Aviation at 021 269 6870.