Bringing out the big guns for winter operations

Runway sweeper from Norway

Photo caption: New runway sweeper


None of our team are shy of getting on a shovel on snow days and we have plenty of weapons in our arsenal to proactively and reactively keep the runway clear and the terminal operational. 

New this year is a runway sweeper which is arriving from Norway in early June and is designed to clear 230,00sqm of surface area per hour (our runway is 85,000sqm).  The blade on the front will clear snow to the side and the sweeper on the back will clean the runway.  Then Helga, our monster snowblower which is capable of shifting 2,700 tonnes of snow per hour, will follow and disperse the pile of snow.

We also have a new vehicle which will allow airlines to de-ice their aircraft at the gate rather than being towed to the taxiway area.

Other options include:

  • New de-icing treatments for the runway and footpaths.  If we get significant ice build-up on the runway, we’ll deploy our new de-icing spreader to melt the ice - this acts like a grit spreader but distributes de-icing pellets.  We also have a new trolley sprayer for doing the footpaths and forecourt which will be much quicker than the backpack sprayers.
  • Our “Bladerunner” fleet of 4WD utes which can be fitted with grading blades
  • “Sooty and Sweep” - our tractor with a high speed mechanical brush for snow/slush
  • “R3D2” – Rescue Fire 3 fitted with a snow plough
  • We also have a number of contractors on call to assist landside and airside.