Easter travel tips

Eatser travel tips 2017

Easter is just days away and it’s one of the last big getaway weekends until Labour Day, so travel by air and road is high. With so many people on the move we wanted to give you some travel tips to make your weekend run as smoothly and safely as possible.

By following the few simple tips below we hope you can maximise your time with family and friends this Easter break and stay safe.

1. Plan ahead, consider transport options

  • We’ve added more car parking capacity in the last few months but do expect our public car parks to be busy over Easter so please consider alternative transport options if possible – catch a taxi, shuttle or bus or bribe someone to drop you off. Check out some options here.
  • Both of our overflow car parks will be open and our team will be on hand in the car park to assist you.

2. Allow extra travel time to/from the airport, especially for domestic flights

  • The roads will be busy between Thursday 13 April and Monday 17 April so please allow extra time for your journey to the airport and for parking so that you’re not rushing to catch your flight.  NB: the airport’s overflow parking is a 7-minute walk to the terminal.
  • There could be delays at highway traffic pinch points in the Frankton area, such as the BP Roundabout and the single lane Kawarau Falls Bridge.  Check out “Hotspots” for Queenstown and State Highway 6. 
  • NZTA Traffic Cams for Queenstown are a good guide to help you plan your journey. According to NZTA, Easter Monday (17 April) from 10am to midday will be the busiest time on State Highway 6 for people leaving Queenstown.

3. Check the weather before you leave

  • Adverse weather conditions can affect your travel time to/from the airport. The MetService will highlight any severe weather warnings so we recommend that you check this link.
  • Another good online resource is the AA Roadwatch which highlights any road closures or accidents that may affect your travel time. Click here to find out about closures in the district.

4 Check the Queenstown Airport website before you leave

5. Have your documentation ready for presentation

  • Speed up your check-in and international processing time by having your documents and completed forms at the ready. If you have anything to declare, make sure it’s easily accessible.

6. Be prepared for aviation screening

  • To help make the aviation screening process quick and smooth, have your electronic devices out and check that there’s nothing in your pockets.  If you’re unsure about what you can take as carry-on luggage, please check the ‘Departing’ tab on our website.

7. We have free WiFi at Queenstown Airport so download entertainment before your flight and then sit back, relax and enjoy your weekend.

Happy Easter everyone!