Significant expansion of Queenstown Airport car parking in time for busy summer season

Car Park Map QAC

Queenstown Airport will embark on expansion works today (Friday 14 October) to its short and long term car parking facilities creating a significant number of additional car parking spaces.

Due for completion by 29 November, in time for the busy summer season, the staged expansion works will provide approximately 50 additional car parking spaces to meet customer needs – an increase of over 10%.

Works to expand the commercial zone also commenced this week which will enable both pick-up and drop-offs for commercial operators in this zone. This work will be completed by 27 October.

To take account of the potential inconvenience to customers, we have reduced our car parking rates for the period of works in the long term car park (14 October – 3 November) for the majority of our car parking customers. Normal rates will resume once the long term car park re-opens on 4 November.

Queenstown Airport Corporation (QAC) CEO Colin Keel said the works formed part of the airport’s short term infrastructure improvement programme.

“The airport has experienced phenomenal growth with a 38% rise in passenger numbers over the past three years alone. This growth has presented us with a range of opportunities and challenges, including the increased need for car parking.”

“We’re actively listening to the communities that we serve on these issues and have taken their views on board. We’re committed to providing an exceptional and memorable customer experience for all our visitors.”

“The works have been scheduled at a quieter time of year to ensure minimal impact on visitors, staff and the broader airport community and will be completed in a very short time frame to minimise any disruption,” said Colin.

The works are also a prelude to the airport’s long term strategy on traffic management and road transport solutions which will improve traffic flow and further increase car parking options.

“These are key focus areas as we develop the 30-year master plan for Queenstown Airport.”

“Our contractors and staff will be actively monitoring and managing the expansion plans to ensure it’s as seamless as possible for our customers. There will be temporary signage in place to help guide drivers and staff will be outside directing traffic at all times.”

Full details and timeline of the planned works can be found below.

What's Happening When

Stage 1 – Commercial Area staged work 
Queenstown Airport will undertake expansion works from 14 – 27 Oct 2016 in the commercial drop-off zone. The works will expand the current commercial area, improving vehicle flow which will enable commercial pick-ups and drop-offs from this zone.

14 -27 October

Stage 2 – Long Term Car Park - Entry Closed Off and works
Entry access to the long term car park will be closed from 14 October 2016. Cars will be able to exit the long term car park until 25 October when expansion works on the car park will commence. By this date all cars should be parked in the alternative areas provided. If needed, overflow car parking spaces will be available for use during this time.

14 – 25 October Closed to vehicle entry

25 October – 3 November works

Stage 3 – Staged expansion of short term car park
Staged expansion works will take place in the short term car park from 1 -29 November 2016. If needed, overflow car parking spaces will be available for use during this time.

1 – 29 November

Overflow Parking
Overflow car parking at the airport will be made available should the short-term car park become full.

14 October – 29 November