Lot 6 land to vest with Queenstown Airport Corporation

Terminal Remarkables

On 15 October, Queenstown Airport Corporation (QAC) received a signed proclamation from the Governor General and the Minister for Land Information for the taking of land for aerodrome purposes under the Public Works Act.  The land known as ‘Lot 6’ will vest with QAC on 1 November, being 14 days after publication of the proclamation in the New Zealand Gazette. The land value will be determined as of the date that the land is vested.

QAC Chief Executive, Colin Keel said: “We are pleased that the acquisition of ‘Lot 6’ by QAC has now been confirmed after a process that has taken many years.  We will now work with Remarkables Park Limited (RPL) to agree the appropriate value of the land.”

The proclamation enables the 16 hectares of land alongside and to the south of the main runway to be developed for aerodrome purposes.  QAC has been seeking to acquire the parcel of land from RPL since 2008.