New sensor technology on the radar

BlipTrack Screen 2

New sensor technology has been introduced at Queenstown Airport this winter which aims to enhance the customer experience by providing real-time wait time information to passengers as well as streamlining the airport’s operations.

To assist with smooth passenger flow as volumes increase, the airport has partnered with Veovo to use its BlipTrack Guest Predictability technology. The solution measures passenger queue times and flows at security processing, enabling the airport to dynamically resource staffing, as well as proactively communicate wait times to passengers.

Wayne Stiven, Queenstown Airport’s Technology Manager, says BlipTrack is part of QAC’s continuing technology investment to provide a better customer experience and a more efficient journey through the airport.

“At the moment we have installed BlipTrack in our domestic and international screening points and plan to roll it out in other areas of the airport over the coming year.”

The combination of sensors and data-processing analytics software offer powerful, real-time passenger movement information. The data helps staff to monitor and proactively manage passenger flow, and work with the aviation security, airlines and border agencies to respond quickly to irregular operations and disruptions – for example, opening additional security screening lines. The average wait time is also displayed on a screen at the security screening entrance to help inform travellers. This helps reduce stress levels by creating realistic expectations, improving passengers’ journey through the airport.

“We’re happy to support Queenstown Airport’s effort to improve passenger experiences. With real-time insights into passenger flow, the airport now has the means to manage and improve the passenger process and optimise wait times to deliver an exceptional airport experience,” says Peter Knudsen, General Manager for Veovo BlipTrack Guest Predictability.

The Guest Predictability solution rollout follows the deployment of Veovo’s Airport Operating System and Flight Information Display System (FIDS) in 2015 and Resource Management Software in 2016. The latter enables planned allocation of fixed resources, such as gates, as well as optimising usage to handle real-time disruption or schedule changes. Combined, the solutions unlock valuable insights across the airport ecosystem to streamline operations and improve the customer experience.