Queenstown Airport thanks community for feedback on Master Plan

4 July 2015 busiest day for intls

Queenstown Airport CEO Colin Keel has thanked local and regional communities for getting behind the airport’s recent three-month engagement on its 30-year Master Plan options.

“It’s been great to meet so many people from communities across the region over the past three months as we’ve travelled around sharing our thinking to date and encouraging people to give us their feedback either in person or online. We very much appreciate people taking the time to both consider and communicate their views.”

Mr Keel says the community engagement was an important step in the Master Plan process.

“Our goal was to reach as many people as possible and give them the opportunity to express their thoughts about the airport’s future. These will be carefully considered as we work through the feedback, which is due to be completed early next year.

“The process we undertook was well received and there were some common views expressed, including the need for regional infrastructure to grow in line with airport growth, better transport options and connectivity, and ensuring appropriate noise management.

“We will continue to share our progress and seek feedback from key stakeholders and the communities we serve as we develop our plans in more detail.”