Statement from Prue Flacks, QAC Chair on Wanaka Airport


After reading recent media statements in the lead up to local body elections, QAC wants to be very clear on a point that continues to be raised around its lack of consultation on future development plans for Wanaka Airport. QAC has not at any time put out a formal proposal or plan for the future development of Wanaka Airport.

It is therefore difficult, if not impossible, to consult on something that hasn’t even been completed. What QAC has done since signing the lease for Wanaka Airport in April 2018 is three things: conducted two community visioning workshops in May 2018, begun its master planning work in September 2018, and tested its current thinking at the time on future airport development with a range of Wanaka organisations and individuals in April 2019.

Once QAC has completed the draft master plan for Wanaka Airport, we will share it with the community and invite their feedback. Until that time, we have important analysis to progress, while QLDC undertakes its economic and social impact assessments and completes the district spatial plan.

We fully support QLDC’s process and expect it to be concluded in the first half of 2020. We understand that the community wants clarity and an opportunity to give informed consideration to any future development of Wanaka Airport.