Upgrades to airport roading network during shoulder season

caution road work ahead temporary sign

Travelling to the airport soon?  Here's a few things you need to know... 

We will be carrying out a series of minor upgrades to the airport’s internal road network and public carpark during the shoulder season months so we wanted to let you know what we’re doing and encourage you to build in a bit of extra time if you’re travelling to, or parking at the airport during this time.  Our programme of works is included below. 

While traffic coming into the airport and entering the public carpark may be affected briefly, we are making every effort to avoid any disruption.  We have chosen our quietest time of year to complete these works and our contractors and staff will be actively monitoring and managing the process to ensure it’s as seamless as possible.  We will have temporary signage in place to help guide drivers and staff will be outside directing traffic in peak times.


What’s happening


Stage 1: Upgrade airport access road and carpark entrance
New kerbing down the centre of the access road, access to the public carpark will be via an alternate entrance for 16 days while a new entry, pedestrian access, kerbing and landscaping are installed.

4 April – 22 April

Stage 2:Improve pedestrian access from carpark
New footpath and pedestrian access routes and more Accessible car parks added. 

22 April – 6 May

Stage 3:Upgrade to carparks
Simple car park realignments, creation of 9 new car parks, new road markings and changes to the existing landscaping area. 

6 May – 13 May

Stage 4: Remove alternate access to carpark, add more parks
Once the alternate access to the carpark is removed, it will be replaced with 15 new car parks, pedestrian access and landscaping.

16 May – 25 May

Stages 5 and 6:  Upgrade pedestrian crossing
Raise the existing pedestrian crossing by the ticket payment booth to provide better safety for pedestrians. New signage, line markings, garden and fences will also be added.  This work will be completed outside of airport operational hours.

25 May – 3 June