We know it can be hard to keep track of the changes so we've created some key FAQs to help. If you're still unsure or have a question feel free to contact the Airport Information Desk by telephone 03 450 9031 or email.

When do the Queenstown Airport car parking rates change?

Rates change from 1 November 2019 for all products; terminal car parks A and B, Park & Ride and online parking.

What happens if I parked in the car park prior to 1 November 2019 but leave on or after 1 November 2019?

If you entered the car park before 1 November 2019 you will be charged at the car park rates valid at the time of booking for your entire stay.

What happens if I booked online prior to 1 November 2019?

If you booked online before 1 November 2019, for stays after this date, you will be charged at the car park rates valid at the time of booking.

What are the main changes?

  • Free parking reduced to 10 minutes
  • $2 for stays 11 – 20 mins (P20)
  • Daily maximum rate is reached at 12 hours
  • Terminal parking $25 per day up to 3 days then $20 for days thereafter
  • Park & Ride starts at $30 for 2 days (minimum charge) then $10 for days thereafter
  • Any period of stay that exceeds 24 hours will be charged at a full day rate (not hourly rate)

How does pricing compare to other airports?

We have benchmarked our offering and the new rates fall within the average range of other New Zealand airports.  Other airports do vary in the amount of free parking offered with some having no free parking and others providing  10 or 15 minutes.

What is the best value option for long term parking?

Queenstown Airport’s Park and Ride is an affordable parking option for those looking for medium or long-term parking just 15 minutes by shuttle from the airport.  Online booking is available for Park & Ride to secure your space ahead of time and the best rates. 

Do you offer a discount when I book online for Park and Ride?

Yes. If you book ahead of your travel date we offer the Online Advance Saver rate.  Our introductory offer for the Online Advance Saver rate is valid for bookings made 7 days before your arrival time and is valid for all bookings made before 1st March 2020. If you miss the Online Advance Saver rate our Online Saver rate is available for online bookings up to 4 hours before your arrival time. 

I have tried to book online but there is no availability.

Online booking is available if you book 4 hours before your arrival time.  If you enter the car park within 4 hours of your intended travel, then you must purchase parking at the payment machine near the shuttle stop at the car park at the standard rates.  We’ll limit the number of online spaces available to help us ensure there are parks available for those who drive-up and aren’t aware of the online booking option. Our aim is to ensure more people book online, ahead of time to secure a space and the best pricing, so booking ahead is encouraged to avoid disappointment.  For real-time availability at the car parks please visit the homepage of our website.

How far ahead should I book to get the Online Advance Saver rate?

Our introductory offer for the Online Advance Saver rate is for bookings made 7 days before your arrival time and is valid for all bookings made before 1st March 2020.  

Why is the Online Advance Saver rate different from the last time I booked?

From time to time we change the discount amount, but it will always be our best value rate.

Will you offer online parking at your Terminal car parks?

We plan to introduce online parking to the Terminal car parks in due course. 

Why are you changing the free parking to 10 minutes?

We understand the importance of meeting loved ones when they arrive which is why our P20 parking is still available and is located in the most convenient area of the carpark, closest to the terminal.

The good news is our other ‘meeter/greeter rates’ have been able to stay at the same levels by introducing a minimal $2 charge for the remaining 11-20 minutes. Those who need longer to pick-up or drop-off can choose to park in the non P20 parks for as long as they wish.

Why has the price of parking changed?

As we continue to reach capacity in our terminal car parking more often, it’s important that our customers can choose the park they want, when they want and avoid any stress by arriving to find car parks full or near full. With technology solutions in place, we now have a better idea of customer occupancy levels and usage and so can adjust pricing to ensure space is available across our car park offering.

We have made significant investment into our car parking offerings over the last three years and there is a continuous stream of new tech being released in the coming years. By offering choice and technological solutions to improve the customer experience, we hope to offer customers the best car parking experience we can, which has a choice of options to suit all budgets and lifestyles.

How do I use the Tap & Go to enter and exit the car parks?

To enter any Queenstown Airport car park using Tap & Go technology, simple hold a valid credit card to the sensor at the barrier arm on entry and wait. Once the sensor’s recognised and validated the card, the barrier arm will open. When exiting, simply hold the same credit card used on entry to the sensor, wait and the display will ask if you would like a receipt. Click Yes. Wait. The machine will print the receipt and the barrier arm will open.