We are focused on providing a safe and secure airport that supports the social, economic and environmental vibrancy of the Southern Lakes community.

Being a good neighbour

We believe that being a good neighbour involves playing an active part in our local and regional communities. These communities include people working in and around the airport, those living near the airport and across the wider region.

We are mindful of the impact a busier airport has on our closest neighbours.  In 2014 we introduced our Aircraft Noise Management Plan, which is overseen by the Airport Noise Liaison Committee and primarily directed at homes most affected by aircraft noise.  For more information visit our Aircraft Noise Mitigation page.

Our staff also take part in initiatives such as “Shaping Our Future”, its associated Visitor and Tourism Industry and Transport Task Forces, and the Regional Transport Governance Group so that we play our part in contributing to a better future for the region. 

Investing in our communities to help them achieve

We want to keep building relationships within the communities we serve while working together with community partners to maximise social and economic benefits.  

As a key enabler for the local tourism industry, we contribute to regional GDP and create employment and career development opportunities for locals.

While we are a commercial business, we work hard to ensure the dividend we return to the community each year is as high as possible.  Queenstown Lakes District Council is a 75.01% shareholder in the airport and we return around $5.4m in dividends to them each year – this equates to approximately $224 per rateable property in the district.

Supporting the region’s arts, culture, heritage, and environment

We respect and celebrate the different communities that we serve, and our team reflects the diversity of people who live in our region and their cultures.

We work hard to support our regional communities in many ways, backing the efforts of not-for-profit organisations, and getting behind various local events and marketing promotions. 

Here are some of the community organisations we have supported over the past year:

  • Coastguard Queenstown
  • Wakatipu Search and Rescue
  • The Wakatipu High School Foundation
  • Branches Trust
  • Autism New Zealand
  • Cancer Society
  • The Going Bananas Show
  • HeartKids
  • Wakatipu Reforestation Trust

We also recognise the potential of large-scale events to support the economic diversity of our region whilst celebrating the heritage of our place.

Here are some of the events we have supported over the past year:

  • Real Journeys Queenstown Winter Festival
  • Festival of Colour
  • Warbirds Over Wanaka
  • Winter Pride
  • Queenstown International Marathon - Kids Run

Supporting education, innovation, development opportunities, and leadership initiatives

Something we feel strongly about is facilitating education, career and leadership opportunities that are aspirational and provide insight into our region and the opportunities it holds.  We support a range of initiatives through schools, universities, charities and community groups within the region through:

  • Our Airport Community Education Programme
  • Sponsorships and partnerships
  • Scholarships
  • Employment and training partnerships
  • We also provide operational support to NASA and assist with the logistics of their annual super pressure balloon launch at Wanaka Airport

Leading and developing a positive safety culture across the airport community

The safety of our staff, passengers and airport users is of paramount importance to us.  We continue to lead and develop a positive safety culture across the whole airport community through effective and continually evolving safety systems and audits, as well as being involved in industry initiatives such as Airport Safety Week.