Priority areas:

Priority will be given to proposals from organisations/groups who contribute to:

  • The welfare, health and social wellbeing of the regional community

  • Preserving and improving the region’s arts, culture and heritage

  • Supporting the region’s physical wellbeing through sport and recreation

  • Supporting innovation and development opportunities within the region

  • Supporting community education and leadership initiatives


Queenstown Airport does not consider financial support for the following:

  • For-profit organisations

  • Individual endorsement

  • Political organisations, parties or individuals

  • Religious organisations

  • Organisations/activities outside the area in which the Corporation operates


Applying for sponsorships

Each sponsorship application requires a written submission that defines the proposal, the involvement of Queenstown Airport and benefits to Queenstown Airport.  This proposal will be assessed against the Queenstown Airport Sponsorship Guidelines.

Proposals can be emailed to or sent by post to Queenstown Airport Corporation, PO Box 2641, Queenstown 9349.