Priority areas:

Priority will be given to proposals from organisations/groups who contribute to:

  • The welfare, health and social wellbeing of the regional community

  • Preserving and improving the region’s arts, culture and heritage

  • Supporting the region’s physical wellbeing through sport and recreation

  • Supporting innovation and development opportunities within the region

  • Supporting community education and leadership initiatives


Queenstown Airport does not consider financial support for the following:

  • For-profit organisations

  • Individual endorsement

  • Political organisations, parties or individuals

  • Religious organisations

  • Organisations/activities outside the region


Applying for sponsorships

Each sponsorship application requires a written submission that defines the proposal and the involvement required from Queenstown and/or Wanaka airports.  This proposal will be assessed against our guidelines.

Proposals can be emailed to or sent by post to Queenstown Airport Corporation, PO Box 2641, Queenstown 9349.