Parking options

p2P2 drop-off zone – FREE

For some visitors, a simple ‘pash n dash’ farewell is all you need to say bye to loved ones or friends. Located directly outside the departure terminal, the two-minute zone is for drop-offs only by private passengers who’ve already said the long goodbye and just want to drop off passengers quickly and conveniently right at the terminal.

The drop-off zone is not for use by commercial operators.

If you require a little more time with family and friends, then our P20 express pick-up and drop-off parking spaces are for you. Located in the first few bays of Terminal car park A, we provide up to 10 minutes free express parking so you can spend more time in the terminal which is just a short stroll away.

p20P20 express parking - pick-up and drop-off – FREE 10 minutes

There’s no need to rush in and out of the airport as we offer priority parking for visits less than 20 minutes with the first 10 minutes free in the designated pick up/drop off parking bays within terminal car park A. These are located nearest the terminal and signposted P20. So come into the terminal, grab a coffee, a bite to eat or do some shopping while you’re here!

All you need to do is take a ticket at the barrier arm when entering the car park and park in the clearly marked pick-up/drop-off zones located in the first 5 rows of Terminal car park A in front of the terminal building. There are 3 P20 bays dedicated to mobility users.

If you’re parked for less than 10 minutes, there’s no need to validate your ticket – just insert it into the barrier arm machine when exiting. Please note you still need to park in the dedicated P20 zones, otherwise, you risk being infringed.

If you plan to stay longer than 20 minutes, please park in non P20 spaces and validate your ticket at the pay station then insert it into the barrier arm machine when exiting.

abTerminal parking – Parking from $25 a day or $155 a week

Queenstown Airport currently has two terminal car parking areas for those wanting to park for more than 20 minutes. Named A and B, both car parks offer the same car parking rates and are our most convenient parking offering located at the terminal.

Car park A is located straight in front of the terminal and as well as having the express pick-up and drop-off zone in the front 5 bays, it also has 4 mobility parking spaces and almost 300 terminal car parking spaces.

Car park B is located to the right of the terminal just a short 3-5 minute walk away along the pathway, directly opposite the rental car park. This car park has 77 spaces.

When parking for more than 10 minutes, please validate your ticket at the pay station then insert it into the barrier arm machine when exiting.

Alternatively, why not try our new 'Tap & Go' facility which requires no ticket or payment at the station. Simply tap your credit card to the machine on entry and again when you leave to automatically pay for your parking. No queues, no fuss, just 'Tap & Go'.

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parkandridePark & Ride 

Our Park & Ride service is currently closed given the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.  

mobilityMobility parking

Queenstown Airport offers a total of 9 mobility parks at the terminal. Four in the main terminal A car park, three in the P20 bays (marked P60) and two in front of the terminal next to the pay station building (also marked P60) which are ideal for pick-up or drop-offs. Please ensure your mobility permit is clearly displayed to avoid an infringement being issued.


Luggage trolley bays are conveniently located in a number of places in and around the terminal and car parks. Trolleys are free to use and we kindly ask that trolleys are not taken outside of the airport grounds.

Terminal Parking Map 

Terminal Parking Map April 2019

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Terminal Parking Fees and Payment Options

Terminal Parking Fees and Payment Options