The Otago Regional Council, with support from the Queenstown Lakes District Council and New Zealand Transport Authority, operates the $2 Orbus network.

It is the easiest, most convenient and most affordable way to get around Queenstown with flat-rate fares for just $2.

The buses run to and from Queenstown Airport regularly throughout the day from 6 am until midnight. 

Get a Bee Card!

  • The $2 fare is only available to Bee Card holders. There is a one-off cost of $5 to buy a Bee Card but once you have it you’ll have ongoing access to the $2 fare.
  • If your single bus journey involves 2 or more stages it still only costs $2. Just make sure that you board each bus within 30 minutes of getting off the previous bus.
  • Without the Bee Card, cash fares will be $8 for a child and $10 for an adult.
  • The minimum top-up for Bee Cards is $5. Bee Cards can be topped up anywhere that they’re sold. 
  • You can purchase a Bee Card for $5 from the Stanley Street kiosk or on every bus that’s part of the $2 bus network.

Routes and timetables:

  • Route and timetable information can be viewed at
  • Buses run regularly from 6 am until late, 7 days a week, and there are 4 return routes:
    • Sunshine Bay to Remarkables Park (via the Airport) runs every 15 minutes right through until midnight
    • Arrowtown to Arthurs Point (via Frankton) runs half-hourly on peak and hourly off-peak, through until 10 pm
    • Kelvin Heights to Frankton Flats runs hourly through until 10 pm
    • Lake Hayes Estate to Jacks Point runs half-hourly on peak and hourly off-peak, through until 10 pm