The Queenstown Airport Liaison Committee (QALC) was formed in October 2013 and meets quarterly.  It is a forum and interface between the Airport and the community and other stakeholders regarding issues related to noise at Queenstown Airport.

Its responsibilities include hearing about noise incidents from the residents and monitoring how QAC deals with those complaints. Members of the public who have contacted QAC with a complaint about noise incidents are invited to raise their concerns at the start of the meeting.  

Information typically presented at the committee meetings would consist of aircraft activities, unplanned engine testing incidents, a complaints register summary, and the QAC operational report which includes updates on the roll out of the noise mitigation plans. The Annual Aircraft Noise Contours are also reviewed according to a scheduled timetable by the Committee. 

There are 11 committee members comprising an independent chairperson, 4 community representatives, 1 QLDC representative, 1 Airways NZ representative, 1 airline representative, 1 general aviation representative and 2 Queenstown Airport representatives.

The members of the Airport Liaison Committee are:

Jane Taylor

Independent Chair

Gregory Miller

Community Rep (Kelvin Peninsula Community Association)

Steven McIsaac

Community Rep (Jack’s Point Residents Association)

Simon Flood

Queenstown Airport Corporation Managing Director

Rachel Tregidga

Queenstown Airport Corporation General Manager Property and Planning

Jon Brookes

Airspace Management Rep - Airways NZ, Chief Air Traffic Controller for Queenstown and Milford airports 

Patrick Whelan

Scheduled Airlines Rep – Board of Airline Representatives NZ, Aviation Development Manager

Grant Stewart

General Aviation Rep – GSLH Compliance, Safety & Occurrence Investigator - Safety Officer (Rotary) Queenstown Milford User Group QMUG - Aerial Filming/ Movie Liaison

Alana Standish

QLDC Rep - Team Leader Resource Consents - Planning & Development 

Meeting Minutes

QALC Minutes 21.05.21

QALC Minutes 01.03.21

QALC Minutes 30.11.20

QALC Minutes 20.07.20

QALC Minutes 16.12.19

QALC Minutes 19.08.19

QALC Minutes 04.06.19